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Seajet Bladefish

The lightest, fastest, most compact seajet in the world.

Go further for longer than ever before.

Introducing the new leader in underwater propulsion vehicles. The Bladefish Seajet. Faster, lighter and more agile than any other unit on the market.


Great fun and so easy to use! Whether snorkelling from the shore or boat, or diving further for longer, Bladefish helps you save energy. Experience swimming with sea life, navigating through beautiful corals and exploring the ocean up close.
There are currently five models in the range. All models use state of the art Lithium-ion battery technology. This means smaller batteries with greater endurance, and ultra rapid recharge times. With built in safety switches and double seal technology, anyone who is a competent swimmer can enjoy Bladefish Seajets. Designed for adult use, the powerful Bladefish Seajets are not suitable for children.


A Bladefish Seajet can glide you quickly and effortlessly through the water at up to 5 km/h (speed depends on model).